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Register Now for COLLABORATE 19 – April 7-11, 2019 – San Antonio


One week is all you need. One week at COLLABORATE 19 – OAUG Forum will equip you with the expertise and insight you need to do your job more effectively and maximize your organization’s investment in Oracle Applications in the coming year. At COLLABORATE, OAUG delivers expert on-prem Oracle Applications knowledge and the latest guidance for the Cloud so you can get the most from your Oracle investments and strategically plan for the future. Here expert-led education synthesizes best practices, users share lessons learned from real-life implementations, and solutions providers offer a look at the latest, greatest new products. The OAUG Forum covers E-Business Suite, EPM/Hyperion, EPM Cloud, ERP Cloud, Data Science & Analytics, SCM Cloud, CX Cloud, plus personal growth, leadership and more.

Join us April 7-11, 2019 in San Antonio, TX! Register now or learn more.

Join Us for Our 2018 Webinar Series: Tools and Techniques for the Journey to the Cloud

Journey to the CloudThe Multinational (MN) and General Ledger (GL) Special Interest Groups of OAUG Invite You to Join Us for Our 2018 Webinar Series: Journey to the Cloud

Session I - ADOPTIONAdoption

August 23, 2018 11:30AM EDT

Presented By: Mohan Iyer, FSCP Solutions, Inc.

Click Here to Register for Session I "Adoption" 8/23/18

Migration to Cloud is becoming a stark reality for a lot of users and in a way there has been usage of Cloud products over the years, but this has been singular / personal products! However, now with the push to migrate to the cloud for wider coverage of functional areas moving to the cloud the rate of adoption is directly proportional to the success of any project. There are two components that are crucial to ease adoption – change management and training. These two are challenging aspects of any project – but are required more than ever to enable a successful migration to cloud solutions. Come join us to understand the specifics and how to address the challenges.

System adoption is a challenge in any area where it replaces an existing process, system or work structure. The nature of change is such that the challenge is inherent in any human being. However, change being the only constant has to be followed by accepting that change (or adoption) in every stream of life – personal, business, technology, etc. All changes rely heavily on the eventual acceptance of a new way to succeed.

Cloud applications over the past few years have been driving a major change to the provision of software solutions from what has traditionally been something a team of people at every company have been building and managing for years. This led to many solutions being very specific to the company/organization that it served. Subsequently companies started to provide solutions for installs to various customers on their own premises leading to a different flavor of the same software/solution for each company/install. Chaos abounded for the company providing the solution and keeping it up to date with functionality, security and updates!

Cloud applications provide and drive the users to conform to a set of business rules and process flows that are common among a larger set of users so as not to have a large overhead on support and maintenance of these solutions. This is a classic change from what users have been used to and changes everything ‘for them’.
To enable users to be efficient and productive in a new era of Cloud Apps, managing this change is very important for success. Managing change will lead to a higher capability for majority of users to adopt the new system, processes and way of working.

Join us Thursday, August 23, 2018 at 11:30 AM EST to learn more about Adoption.

Click Here to Register for Session I "Adoption" 8/23/18

Additional Webinars in This Series    

Session II - IntegrationIntegration

September 6, 2018 11:30AM EDT

Presented By: Tohamas Simbiss, Creoal Consulting & Mohan Iyer, FSCP Solutions Inc.

With the onset of on-prem applications the capability and methods that connected each of them were – many, diverse and all over the place! This led to specific rigidity in their nature and were non-scalable. Any change in one of the systems could throw the whole integration into jeopardy. With the cloud applications every solution provider had to have a mechanism to interact with other applications (cloud or not). With this need came standards and methods that were similar across platforms, applications and solutions. Think back to EDI – these had naming conventions, data tags and the sort so that each element was identified. Welcome to the world of web-services and REST services for interaction between and with cloud applications!

Click Here to Register for Session II "Integration" 9/6/18  

Session III - ComplianceCompliance

September 27, 2018 11:30AM EDT

Presented by: Hans Kolbe, Celantra Systems

The opportunities are great.  Cloud gives reliable outsourcing for hardware & infrastructure including systems redundancy, data backups, and defense against intrusions.  In addition, we will look at compliance with new data protection regulations, and integration to Cloud based government and customs reporting systems.  Our panel will include user companies with multi-national footprint as well as data privacy experts.

Click Here to Register for Session III "Compliance" 9/27/18

Session IV - ReportingReporting

October 18, 2018 11:30 AM EDT

Presented by: Thomas Simkiss, Creoal Consulting & R.J. Linehan, Innovus Partners

This session will include a panel discussion hosted by Kelley Fitzpatrick of Creoal Consulting, with panel members Thomas Simkiss, Lee Briggs, and RJ Linehan.  The panelists will present different use cases for reporting in the Cloud (Month End Close, Management Reporting, SEC) and the various tools available to streamline this process.

Click Here to Register for Session IV "Reporting" 10/18/18

Collaborate 18 - April 22-26 Las Vegas

As we prepare for the next conference, April 22-26, 2018 in Vegas, we start to prepare and vote for the submissions and get started with preparing content and visuals  to make the conference a success once again.

We will be sending a more detailed agenda in the  coming few weeks.

As always, we will continue to present on topics of interest to our members:

  • FAHRCS (Financial Accounting Hub Reporting Cloud Service)
  • Subledger Accounting (SLA)
  • Legal Entity usage  (and Inter/Intracompany) in Oracle R12
  • Co-existence with EBiz R12 and ERP Cloud
  • Pro-active support and the new functionalities
  • Period Close functionality within ERP Cloud and the EPM Cloud/Hyperion connection
  • We will continue to focus on Cloud with the following —
    • ERP Cloud GL and the reporting capabilities
    • Blockchain or Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT)
    • Fusion Accounting Hub  &  Fusion Accounting Hub Cloud Reporting

Watch Latest GL SIG eLearning Recordings

OAUG Members can now watch eLearning sessions presented Summer 2017 by the GL SIG.

  • The Modern Business Close: Consolidate Your Financials with Oracle's FCCS by Thomas Simkiss (presented July 24, 2017)
  • The Modern Business Close: Employing Oracle's FCCS to Overcome Today's Close Challenges by Thomas Simkiss (presented June 26, 2017)
  • Reporting in the Cloud - Tips and Tricks by Thomas Simkiss (presented May 18, 2017)

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